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Best Dental Implants In Costa Rica

Best Dental Implants In Costa Rica

The choice of dental implants and the dentist is usually both personal and technical. A patient who has an extensive history with a particular cosmetic dentist may be comfortable in seeing the same professional for an in-depth procedure or follow a cheap plan that explains why Costa Rica dental implants are so affordable. Other patients may have to continue seeing the current medical expert because they may be undergoing supervised care for gum health by a periodontist.

The only factor that will remain consistent despite the dentist who does the process is that the best dental implants in Costa Rica will share the same qualities.  

How do implants differ from natural teeth?

Several distinctions differentiate natural teeth from implants. Implants do not exhibit the same periodontal movement present on natural teeth. The growing concern about implants is that forty-five percent of patients with implants that were adjacent to natural teeth often required a sooner date of replacement.  Another concern is that some implants developed sensitivity over time.

Who are the best dental implant dentists in Costa Rica?

An oral surgeon with experience will be keen to recommend an implant that offers lengthy service by staying secure on the jawbone. Visiting a provider who performs surgery with the highest level of expertise will give you the best dental implants in Costa Rica.

Types of dental implantations

Dental implants have varying heights, types, and sizes. The expert will help determine the best option depending on the particular need so you can receive any of the following two variations:

  • Endosteal – These are the most common implants, and they have a placement within the jawbone and usually have a titanium material that resembles small screws
  • Subperiosteal – These implants have placement under or above the gum or jawbone. They are applicable for patients who do not have a healthy jawbone and do not want to undergo an augmentation procedure

Restoring the jawbone

It is impossible to get strong dental implants if you do not have a strong jawbone. DaVinci's Dental Care in Costa Rica will include several techniques to restore natural jawline before installing the best dental implants in Costa Rica.

  • Bone augmentation - The process involves regenerating the bone to support the implants and using additives to fortify the bone for the best results
  • Sinus lift – This is a sinus augmentation process that elevates the sinus and adds bone below the sinus so that the natural bone regains strength due to deformation of the upper back teeth
  • Ridge expansion – A jaw that is not wide enough cannot support dental implants. The dentist should, therefore, add a bone graft to the ridge or space along the top of the jaw to create a strong foundation for the implant

Process of installing the best dental implants in Costa Rica

3D imaging

A highly precise 3D-imaging process makes the process fast and easily predictable. A Top dentist in Costa Rica for dental implants will use the software to analyze the anatomy of the jaw and determine the best spots for the placement. 

Alternative techniques

Dr. Bernal Soto may schedule a same-day implantation process if you have a strong natural bone jawbone. They will place small dental implants on the bone to stabilize the denture before the replacement of teeth. Eventually, the dentist will place the final implants on the jawbone after confirming the strength of the preparatory foundations.



Dental implantOral health is as significant as general health. A single missing tooth cannot only affect your smile but will decrease your self-confidence and cause early signs of wrinkles on your face. The best way to brighten your smile and restore your jawline is to go for a dental implant. A dental implant is strong, resistant, and natural-looking. And when you go to Costa Rica for a dental tour, then ...
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Best Dental Implants In Costa Rica
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Best Dental Implants In Costa Rica