Calgary Dental Bonding

Calgary Dental Bonding

Consider how Calgary dental bonding can improve your smile without spending a lot of money on cosmetic treatments. Pathways Dental Clinic offers dental bonding as one of the most affordable ways to create your dream smile. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your teeth, bonding can fix minor issues, like chips & cracks, and enhance your teeth- all for less money than you might think. Before you agree to complex cosmetic dental services in Calgary, schedule a consultation visit with our dentist and find out whether you’re a good candidate for bonding.

7 Key Benefits Of Dental Bonding

1. Bonding takes less time than fitting for veneers, so you’ll spend less time in the dentist chair and pay less for treatment. If you’re looking for instant results, dental bonding might be an ideal solution for your new smile.

2. You’ll save significantly by choosing bonding as a treatment to hide tooth imperfections. Compare the cost of bonding with other cosmetic treatments when you contact Pathways Dental Clinic to inquire about dental services.

3. Bonding material can be customized to match your teeth, so results will look more natural. If you’re concerned about the results you’ll experience through bonding, you can rest easy knowing that no one will suspect you’ve had cosmetic dental work performed.

4. The best dental clinics in Calgary offer bonding services, giving you more options when choosing a tooth bonding dentist. Here at Pathways Dental Clinic, we now offer cosmetic dental bonding as one of the best ways to create a perfect smile.

5. Brush, floss, and care for your teeth after bonding in the same way as you would before treatment. With consistent dental care at home and in-office cleanings & exams, you’ll maintain your smile without any additional worries.

6. Bonding is a durable material designed to last for many years. Since dental bonding consists of composite resin, you can expect cosmetic improvements to your teeth to stay put for 20-30 years.

7. If your teeth are worn due to nighttime teeth grinding or poor hygiene, bonding can improve the size of your teeth and give them a more consistent appearance. Calgary dental bonding dentists use bonding to repair and reshape teeth while enhancing function.

Find A Cosmetic Dental Bonding Clinic

If you’re seeking a tooth bonding dentist, you don’t have to look any further than Pathways Dental Clinic for affordable tooth bonding that will help you achieve your smile goals without paying a high price. For worn or chipped teeth, minor gaps, or discoloration that has not responded well to whitening, bonding can be very effective in creating a healthy looking smile.

Stop worrying about how you’ll pay for treatment at Pathways Dental Clinic- we proudly offer financing to help you pay for treatment over time. Feel free to request an appointment to see our staff about tooth bonding, healthy checkups, cleanings, exams, restorative dental care, or any of the treatment options we offer. Call our clinic at 587-355-2692 to schedule a visit.


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Calgary Dental Bonding