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Calgary Dental Implants

Calgary Dental Implants

With some top of the line dentist professionals, we at Pathways Dental Clinic offer comprehensive dental surgeries and the best dental services. We are known as the Best Calgary Dental Implants provider.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are techniques to replace your missing teeth due to any reason, be it naturally or due to some accident. Dental implants are a commonly practiced procedure to make one's smile perfect. We offer the best dental implants in Calgary.

Here are some types of Dental implant options:

1) Single Crown Restoration Option: With many different types of dental implant restoration options, the Single Crown Restoration Option is the one which is for a single teeth implant. We create these implants using titanium or zirconia. We drill these implants in the bones where the actual tooth roots were. After we appropriately perform implantation into the bones, called Osseo Integration, our dentists can do the proper restoration on the top. A dental implant acts as a counterfeit root; our dentists top it with a crown that will be screwed on top of the implant and fixed into place. With Single Crown Restoration, we are very particular about the neighboring teeth that they aren't affected in any way by this implant. Our dental specialists take every measure to ensure that your beautiful smile is never compromised, and for that, we take special care of your tooth structure and esthetics. These implants are ideal for you if you've lost or fractured your front tooth in an accident, as this method will effectively help to restore your tooth without any harm to other teeth.

2) Implant-Supported Bridge: Having multiple teeth missing is no more a problem. With one of the best Calgary Dental Implants provider by your side, you need to worry about nothing. Implant-Supported Bridge is the type of implant where instead of placing one implant, multiple implants are accommodated together for a block of teeth missing. With our finest dentists strategically placing those implants in your teeth bones, you've got nothing to bother. After we correctly implant in your bones, our qualified dentists then situate bridge restorations, where a block of artificial teeth will help you restore function and your chewing ability. This one of the top Alberta dental implants assures long-lasting that these implants can last for decades with proper oral maintenance and care. The best thing about these exceptional Calgary implants is that it does not compromise with your adjacent teeth and takes care of your teeth' soft tissues like bridges or dentures.

3) Complete Denture: Usually, with growing age, people lose their teeth. But growing old doesn't mean you should also lose your beautiful smile. With multiple teeth lost or broken, a large prosthesis such as Complete Denture is often the best option. These type of implants focuses on restoring your entire teeth structure. While taking extensive care of your tooth structure and esthetics, our qualified dentists design the best implant options for you with the perfect A Dental implant cost in Calgary, AB. Our Low-cost dental implants in Edmonton is one of the leading choices for you. This high functioning and natural-looking restoration will help you in every way possible to bring your smile back, as all we wish for our valuable patients is that their precious smile is never compromised.

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Calgary Dental Implants

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Calgary Dental Implants