Calgary Dental bonding is one of the least invasive types of treatments available today and is often the first go-to solution for dental issues.

If your teeth are chipped, poorly shaped, or spaced too far apart, leaving noticeable gaps, Pathways Dental Clinic can help! With dental bonding, we can create the look you have been dreaming of.

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If you are interested in financing to help with the cost of the treatment, we have many options!

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a conservative way to correct minor errors in your teeth’ shape and size. During the bonding procedure, a tooth-colored resin is applied, shaped to match your existing teeth, and then hardened with a special light. Because the material is a flexible material that can be molded and shaped to your specifications, very little natural enamel has to be removed during preparation.
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Benefits of Dental Bonding

The Calgary dentists at Pathways Dental Clinic will assess what is required and often in one visit, correct some of the following:

  • Worn or chipped teeth
  • Gaps
  • Localized discoloured teeth
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What is the procedure of Dental Bonding?

The material used in Tooth Bonding is the same material used in Dental Fillings – Composite Resin. The teeth will often be prepared minimally (to aid in bonding and blending), and the dentist will match the shade and shape to mimic a natural tooth. Then it’s polished so no one can tell it has been restored!

If a tooth has decay, previous large fillings, is cracked, or is heavily worn, a Dental Crown may be the best treatment option. Tooth bonding is not always the best treatment option, though, especially for major corrections in a smile. However, in some cases, a little bonding on a tooth can bring about huge improvements.

Not sure what the best option for you is? Make an appointment today with our Pathways Dental Clinic Team to have a comprehensive exam, and the dentist will evaluate your options to address your needs. They will discuss whether you are a good candidate for Calgary Dental Bonding or any other options that might work for you.

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