Calgary Laser therapy dental treatments are a minimally invasive option when facing a wide range of Calgary dental treatments and can offer a variety of benefits during your dental visits. Pathways Dental Clinic is pleased to offer this as part of their oral treatment plans.

NE Calgary Dental Laser Therapy | Pathways Dental Clinic

What are Lasers?

With Calgary laser therapy dental treatments, patients can access minimally invasive care and therapies like:

  • Laser Periodontal Therapy – lasers kill harmful bacteria involved in periodontal disease
  • Soft Tissue Treatments – lasers can remove excess tissue and reduce a gummy smile
  • Remove Bacteria during Root Canal procedures
  • Treating Cold Sores– Lasers can speed up the healing of cold sores and often diminish the chance of a cold sore occurring in the same spot
  • Treating tooth sensitivity– lasers seal up sensitive tooth tubules to allow you to be able to eat the foods you enjoy again
  • Laser Teeth Whitening Calgary
  • Laser Biopsy or lesion removal

Lasers can be very comfortable, and often painless.

Ask about our dental lasers during your next visit to Pathways Dental Clinic.

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