Are you looking for a NE Calgary family dentist for you and your entire family? At Pathways Dental Clinic, we provide pediatric dentistry welcome new families with children, and treat patients of all ages, from very young to the very experienced!

It is essential that every patient feels comfortable during their dental treatment. This applies to all ages, but especially kids! Pathways Dental Clinic is pleased to offer NE Calgary children’s dentistry tailored specifically to children and their unique needs, from birth to adolescence. At Pathways Dental Clinic, we take many steps to ensure that your child’s visit with us is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Children’s teeth are very different from the teeth they will have as adults. Primary teeth, also known as deciduous teeth or baby teeth, are smaller and have thinner enamel and roots than adult teeth. These thin roots allow a smooth transition between the shedding of baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth. When a baby tooth is lost early due to infection, injury, or fall, a space maintainer may be needed to prevent the other teeth from tipping into the space and creating crowding later on.

Primary teeth can get cavities and become infected just like adult teeth, and just like adult teeth, these cavities and infections can be painful! It is important to fix cavities in baby teeth even though these teeth will eventually fall out. Cavities in primary teeth can often become deep and cause infection if not treated quickly due to their thin enamel and large nerves.

The NE Calgary children’s dentist at Pathways Dental Clinic deals with issues unique to children’s teeth. Early Childhood Caries due to bedtime bottle feeding is very common and should be dealt with early. Thumb-sucking and pacifiers can affect how the teeth erupt and can cause issues with your child’s bite. The Calgary children’s dentistry at Pathways Dental will monitor your child’s growing teeth and ensure that permanent teeth are coming in correctly. Dr. Kim and Dr. Bouma can also recommend and perform orthodontic treatment if required. Calgary Orthodontic treatment can correct crowded or spaced teeth once the permanent teeth appear. Early orthodontic intervention can also ensure that the foundation or bone that supports your child’s teeth will be able to accommodate the adult teeth. Brushing and flossing instructions, baby tooth root canals NE Calgary, baby tooth removal, cleaning, and fluoride treatments are also all performed at Pathways Dental Clinic.

How Do Children’s Teeth Develop?

Children have fewer teeth and smaller jaws than adults. Children will have 20 baby teeth total, and it begins with the eruption of the front teeth (incisors), the flat teeth that comprise the most visible part of the smile, and continues toward the back with the molars. The first permanent molars erupt behind the baby molars around six years old. The second molar comes in around 12 years old, and usually by 18 years old, the wisdom teeth erupt, for a total of 32 teeth.

Most babies are not born with any teeth, but some may have one or more teeth coming through at birth. When children get their teeth can vary from child to child, but the following list is a general guideline as to when baby teeth might appear:

  • Central incisors (front teeth) at 6 to 12 months
  • Lateral incisors at 9 to 13 months
  • Canine teeth at 16 months to 2 years
  • First and second molars at 1 to 3 years

Preventive Care for Your Child’s Future Smile

At Pathways Dental Clinic, we aim to focus on the prevention of oral disease. With thorough exams, cleanings, and Calgary dental hygiene tips, we will provide your child with the knowledge he or she needs to know to maintain strong, healthy teeth.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Bouma like to see kids at an early age to familiarize them with the dental clinic experience and get them used to being at the dentist and relaxed with the process. This is what we consider a “happy visit.” Happy Visits are complimentary for all children under the age of 3. We make sure to show and explain what devices and tools we are using, children are taken for a chair ride, and their teeth are “counted” by the Calgary children’s dentist. The whole experience is fun and unintimidating.

Just like adults, kids should see their dentist every six months. The schedule is extremely important to maintain for kids who are in the process of getting their adult teeth and in a stage of mixed dentition between adult and primary teeth. Regular visits will allow Dr. Kim and Dr. Bouma to assess how well the permanent teeth develop and to prescribe measures for a healthier bite.

At Pathways Dental Clinic, we prefer to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to children. We like to treat dental issues early when we can use minimally invasive methods. Preventive and proactive measures are essential to providing kids with the fundamentals they need for a healthy smile for life.

Maintaining Healthy Primary Teeth Now Means Fewer Needs Later On!

Providing your child with high-quality dental care when they are young helps ensure that they avoid developing dental anxieties, which can pose a problem later on in life. This early care also helps develop a healthy schedule of regular dental visits, which can help to reduce the cost of future dental visits with preventive care and good Calgary oral hygiene habits.

Benefits of Keeping Primary Teeth Healthy

Keeping primary teeth healthy and intact until they are replaced by adult teeth serves many purposes:

  • Saving space for permanent teeth
  • Facilitating normal speech development
  • Contributing to proper nutrition
  • Giving permanent teeth a healthier start

Providing Calgary Families with long term Dental Care

Dr. Bouma and Dr. Kim enjoy watching their patients grow up and believe that long-term dental care starts from the age of their happy visit, which continues to completing their orthodontics in the teenage years, to heading off to college and university, and then continuing with their dental care into adulthood! Helping patients improve their dental health is truly a privilege.

At Pathways Dental Clinic, we would love to provide the same great lifelong dental care to your family. A NE Calgary general dentist provides all treatment. Occasionally we will consult and work alongside other healthcare professionals and specialists to ensure that our patients receive the expertise and treatment most suitable for them.

Come see for yourself how pediatric dentistry from Pathways Dental Clinic can make your child’s next dental visit a comfortable and educational experience.

Call Pathways Dental Clinic at (403) 455-5565 to set up a “Happy Visit” or General Pediatric Dentistry appointment today!