Do you require Sedation Dentistry in Calgary? Since most patients feel anxious or uneasy on some level during their dental visits. For some, however, an appointment is not only an unpleasant but a highly stressful experience. This is usually a result of a negative experience in the past that causes patients to become fearful and anxious about future visits. For anxious patients, sedation dentistry is a great option.
At Pathways Dental Clinic, we care about ensuring that you experience complete comfort during your dental visits. That is why we offer multiple sedation dentistry options to meet your specific needs.
With our Calgary Sedation Dentistry, you can get the dental care you need today!
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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry uses medication to help patients relax and keep calm during dental procedures. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures like tooth extractions to simple tooth cleaning. How it’s used depends on the severity of the fear. Calgary Sedation dentistry may be administered orally through the use of pills (Oral Sedation), through the use of laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) inhaled through a small mask, or via intravenous or IV method (IV Sedation).

Sedation Dentistry is Ideal for Patients who:

  • Are nervous or anxious about their dental care?
  • Require a lot of dental work at one time?
  • Have difficulty in becoming and staying frozen?
  • Have a severe gag reflex or are claustrophobic?
  • Need Oral Surgery like Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
  • Do you have a low pain threshold?

What Types of Sedation Dentistry Does Pathways Dental Offer?


Oral sedation is a medication prescribed to reduce anxiety during your Calgary dental appointment. It provides light to moderate sedation for patients. If we determine oral sedation is right for you, we’ll prescribe the appropriate medication that will work best for you, which is taken a few hours before your appointment. It is administered by taking pills of sedative medication. This medication is strong enough to make patients feel sleepy and therefore relaxed, which helps alleviate stress or anxiety associated with undergoing dental work. Patients will remain conscious enough to follow the dentist’s instructions throughout the dental procedure. The effects of oral sedation last much longer than Nitrous Oxide. Patients who opt for sedation dentistry are required to have someone drive them to and from their visits, in addition to monitoring them for up to 24 hours after their visit.


Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled to induce feelings of euphoria (hence the term laughing gas) and has been used for many years in dentistry. It is a mild form of sedation and is often very effective, especially in pediatric dentistry (kids).


Our Calgary, AB, dental office tour strives to provide the most comfortable care for our patients. We understand for many patients, visiting the dentist can be overwhelming due to dental anxiety. This usually is a result of a negative experience in the past, and patients often become fearful and anxious about future visits.

With IV Sedation (Intravenous Sedation also often called “Conscious Sedation”), patients achieve complete relaxation even during the most complex procedures. Patients are still “conscious” and can respond, but often do not recall much of the procedure. The medication the dentist administers is controlled through an IV, and he ensures full control of anesthesia and the comfort of the patient. It is the most effective form of sedation a general dentist can provide.

IV Sedation is a safe, effective modality of anesthesia that doesn’t require full OR general anesthesia with intubation. It often makes a difference for our patients, from putting off treatment to getting the care they deserve before things deteriorate and require even larger interventions.

We have fully trained and experienced team members that ensure you are safe and comfortable. The anesthesia also wears off quickly once the procedure is finished, so the patient can recover quickly and be taken to recover at home. (Minimal downtime)

Dr. Tony Kim is a certified provider for IV Sedation in Alberta, certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and Airway Management from the University of Alberta.

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