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Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Calgary Sedation Dentistry

A visit to the dentist may seem like a scary task for many people. All that pain and tooth extraction creates a feeling of phobia over you and prevents you from taking care of your dental health. We all know that dental care is quite essential. Having healthy white teeth not only gives you a flawless smile, but practicing oral health is directly related to your overall health. But again, dentophobia makes people scared and anxious to see the dentist. That's where sedation dentistry comes in.


As the name suggests, sedative dentistry uses sedatives to calm down and make them feel relaxed while undergoing different dental treatments. Dentists use sedatives from minor procedures to extensive teeth treatments. The medication reduces anxiety and makes dental procedures as pain-free as possible. We use Nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or anesthesia to carry out Sedative dentistry.


Pathways Dental Clinic offers Calgary sedation dentistry to build a soothing and relaxing atmosphere while also eliminating the excruciating pain related to dental treatments. You will find the best sedation dentists in Calgary at our dental clinic who know the ideal form of sedation dentistry for you. Our polite and cooperative staff will further help you feel at ease and help create your dentist visit into a positive event. On the one hand, sedation dentistry has proven it's worth dealing with all that unnecessary pain. It also requires a patient to consult the dentist and ask for his professional advice. That's what we do at Pathways Dental clinic. Our finest Calgary dentists are always eager to assist and guide you in the best possible manner.

What makes us the leading provider of Calgary sedation dentistry?

It's because we recommend our patients the precise sedation method after evaluating their level of dental fear. We provide the following sedative dental services to our patients:

  • Oral sedation: It is recommended to patients to reduce anxiety during their visit to the dentist. The medicine prescribed for this procedure tends to be taken 1 hour before visiting. The medication gives you a relaxing feeling over your mind and makes you feel sleepy. But this sedation method allows the patient to follow the doctor's instructions, thus making the dentist's work more manageable, and the patient to remain calm during dental work.

  • Nitrous sedation: Nitrous oxide is used in dentistry to provide relief and comfort while going through dental care. It works faster as compared to the pills, and within minutes the patient feels relaxed. We administer Nitrous oxide through a breathing mask, and the effects also wear off pretty quickly. We use this technique when dealing with kids.

  • IV sedation: IV sedation is the fastest and effective method of decreasing dental anxiety for patients. We provide the finest IV sedation in Calgary. We use an IV tube to sedate the patient, allowing the dentist to perform several complex dental treatments at once. We control the sedation process, and the significant benefit of IV sedation is that the patient can gain consciousness right after the treatment.

Now, you don't have to worry about feeling anxious or scared during dental treatment. With our top-in-line Calgary sedation dentistry, you won't feel a tiny amount of pain.

Contact Pathways Dental Clinic to know more about our sedative dentistry at 587-329-3511.

Calgary Sedation Dentistry

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Calgary Sedation Dentistry