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Calgary Tooth Extractions

Calgary Tooth Extractions

See our staff at Pathways Dental Clinic for affordable Calgary tooth extractions. If you're in pain from an abscessed tooth or from tooth decay and we are unable to save the tooth, a pain-free extraction might be the best way to go. Our dentist will assess your situation on a case-by-case basis and recommend the best course of action for your smile. If we can save the tooth, we'll most likely recommend restorative dentistry and offer financing to help you pay for the procedure. Contact our clinic for more information about tooth extractions in Calgary.

3 Reasons To Consider A Tooth Extraction

1. A tooth that is severely damaged may not be able to be saved through restorative methods due to decay or injury through an accident. Dental extractions in Calgary are ideal in this type of situation rather than spending money on a tooth that will eventually need to be pulled. If you need a surgical tooth extraction, you can rest easy knowing that our team has the skills and equipment to perform treatment without administering pain. Inquire about sedation options at Pathways Dental Clinic when you call our office at 587-355-2692.

2. An impacted wisdom tooth may need to be extracted, particularly when the situation is caused by overcrowding. If you suspect you're dealing with an impacted or partially impacted wisdom tooth, please contact our tooth extraction dentist as soon as possible to schedule digital imaging and a patient consultation to determine the best route to take when addressing pain. With dental sedation at Pathways Dental Clinic, you'll rest comfortably while you're in the dentist chair.

3. In the event of a failed root canal, your only option left may be to have the tooth extracted while you consider tooth replacement options, such as dental implants or a partial. If you've had a tooth infection after a root canal, you may be a candidate for an extraction; our dentist will need to see you to determine whether a tooth needs to come out.

If there's any risk for infection, we'll prescribe an antibiotic, then schedule an office visit to extract a tooth that is severely damaged when a root canal will not yield favorable results. Please watch our short video online about tooth extraction, then read about methods for replacing the missing tooth or teeth afgter extraction.

Painless Calgary Tooth Extractions

There's no need to fear a tooth extraction at Pathways Dental Clinic. We offer several different options for sedation for Calgary tooth extractions that ensure you are not in any pain during the procedure. Inquire about IV, oral, or Nitrous sedation when you speak with our team during your next visit.

To schedule a tooth extraction or visit our dental clinic for a checkup, cleaning, or exam, please call our front desk or connect with us online. We're currently accepting new patients, offering affordable dental care for your whole family. You'll find free articles and resources as you explore the pages of our website, including easy online booking and COVID safety information.

Calgary Tooth Extractions

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Calgary Tooth Extractions