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Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Usually, between the age of 17 and 30, wisdom teeth often appear in people's mouths. They are the last permanent teeth to erupt, situated at the back corner of your mouth, either on the top or bottom. However, some people never develop wisdom teeth while they erupt normally without causing any pain. Sometimes, people develop impacted wisdom teeth, which means there is not enough space in the mouth for them to appear naturally. And these impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe problems like infection or gum disease, development of fluid-filled sac, or damage to nearby teeth. Hence, the doctors recommend taking out the impacted window teeth right away, whether they are currently causing pain or not. However, never trust an inexperienced dental specialist and compromise on your oral health.

Pathway Dental Clinic - a trustworthy clinic for wisdom teeth removal in Calgary

Pathways Dental Clinic is one of the finest places for wisdom teeth removal in Calgary. Our highly competent team of doctors will access your wisdom teeth thoroughly first. After examining, they will guide whether or not you should go for wisdom teeth extraction. We understand that every patient is different, and one option which is best for someone may not be the best for others. Hence, at Pathway Dental Clinic, our ultimate goal is to earn our patient's trust and make them feel comfortable with the option they are choosing, for which no matter what question you have in your mind, we are more than happy to answer.

Our Procedure:

We utilize advanced methods and tools and provide different sedation options, including IV, Oral, and Nitrous. Our friendly team of doctors wants to help you on your journey, so they will explain each option with you in detail first, which makes us the most advanced and reliable clinic for tooth extraction in Calgary, AB. Once you decide on the sedation option, the dentist will begin the procedure:

  • Our qualified dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue, which will expose the bone and tooth.

  • Then the dentist will remove the bone slightly to see the tooth root.

  • Divided the tooth into pieces and remove the one which is causing trouble.

  • Clean the remaining debris from the area of the extracted tooth.

  • If necessary, stitch the wound closely.

  • And finally, cover the area with a gauze to control bleeding.

  • After completing the process, we will make a follow-up appointment to see if there is any symptom of infection or nerve damage.

When to call Pathways Dental Clinic

Give us a call if, after the tooth extraction process, you feel any of these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Excessive swelling even after 2/3 days
  • Persistent numbness
  • Pus in or oozing from the socket
  • Or a constant bad taste in the mouth

So if you are experiencing any discomfort in your teeth, remember we are just a call away for all your needs regarding Wisdom tooth removal in Calgary. Contact Pathways Dental Clinic to schedule your first dental appointment: 587-329-3511

Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Calgary Wisdom Teeth Extraction